I welcome all who desire information regarding Wicca. This page has five purposes. The first purpose is to educate. While I cannot personally provide a wealth of information; I am happy to provide several links to some interesting sites. 

This page's second purpose is to raise awareness of a new resurgence of an old faith. The Congregation is gathering and many are being called. If you are in Eastern Ontario or Western Quebec, you are invited to learn more about The Congregation. 

Another purpose of this page is to link to a forum for those who are also interested in the study of witchcraft. This will allow communication with others and a chance to learn from their pooled experience. 

The Congregation Online is promoted through this page. Though not yet fully operational, The Congregation Online is the virtual equivalent of The Congregation. You will be able to take part in rituals and, should you desire, become a member of this inclusive association. 

The last purpose of this page is to make contact with other interested people in the Montreal - Ottawa - Toronto region to share experiences, information and, perhaps, to meet.

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